Criminal Defense: Falsely Accused of a Crime I Did Not Commit


Although the United States has one of the best justice systems in the world, it is not perfect. Our justice system aims to punish those who are guilty, and sent the innocent free, in order to protect the rights of the citizens and to keep the community safe. What will you do if you are innocent of a criminal offense filed against you? What will you do to prove yourself innocent of the charge? Remember that if you or your loved one is being charged with a crime you did not commit, the first thing you need to do is to hire a good criminal defense lawyer because it is just an accusation and not a conviction. Check out Fort Lauderdale civil litigation to learn more.

When you or your loved one is being arrested of a crime you did not commit, never resist arrest because it is not the perfect time to argue about your case, and resisting arrest is another separate crime. Politely request to speak with your lawyer or hire an attorney, and don’t shout about your constitutional rights or struggle with the police officers because it will just make matters worse. If you are in the situation, be the first to contact 911 because regardless of the circumstances, the first person who called 911 is considered the victim. It can save you from unimaginable amount of time, stress, and money as you will be regarded as the victim and the other as the perpetrator of the crime. Never talk to anyone without your criminal defense lawyer, and exercise your right to remain silent because you may just utter words that can incriminate you. Don’t allow police or arresting officers to search your house without any search warrant because even if you are innocent, they may find some things that can be linked to the case that you are not involved in the first place. Look into Fort Lauderdale criminal defense for more information.

Expect that if you are accused of a crime, you’ll always be treated guilty, so hire a good criminal defense lawyer to help you in proving your innocence before the court. Unlike what we often watch on TV, hiring a criminal defense lawyer does not mean a person is guilty, he is just exercising his legal right like any other person who needs to prove his innocence. Are you looking for a trusted, expert, reliable, reputable, and experienced criminal defense lawyer in Fort Lauderdale? Feel free to check our homepage or website for more details now!


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